Music,pencils,coffee and a sketchpad :)

Somehow im a genius but in a dumb way...


Damn it I’m inlababo and i freakin’ love the feeling. HAHA

"you’re the reason why I love losing sleep"

Sana magkatotoooo :)

// T W E N T Y O N E //

Another year, another chapter.
I’m 21 and still I can’t figure out the purpose of my existence. I dunno what I want and what I am looking for. Yes, I’m contented with everything but still I feel that something is missing…..maybe I should try to stop lying to myself and be more mature . Let go of everything that destroyed me and focus on what’s really worth it.

I dunno what is really the meaning of my existense.. I’ll just enjoy everything while searching for it. :)

-Dette , Happy 21st.


Antagal na nating magkakailala pero ngayon ko lang nalaman na ang sarap mo pala kausap :)